An enlightening meeting between our students and the Head of Animation at Rodeo FX

Montréal, December 3, 2021 – LaSalle College | Montréal and LaSalle College Vancouver have invited one of the most important figures in the world of animation in Canada: Yvon Jardel, Director of Animation at Rodeo FX.



In the format of a Masterclass recorded at Rodeo FX's studios, followed by a live Q&A session with Yvon Jardel, our VFX and Game Design students were able to immerse themselves in the intriguing and complex world of animation and ask all their questions to this professional with a rather impressive background...



Yvon Jardel, master in the art of giving life to the non-existent

One of the greatest challenges of an animator? Getting the audience to believe in his creation... And to do this, Yvon Jardel explains that he must become an expert in everything he works on.

Animation is much more than drawing, creativity, and mastering software. You must have a constant thirst for learning. It is essential to know your subject matter in depth to ensure that your product is realistic, and most importantly, believable.


Your character is inspired by a plant or a tree? Go visit the Botanical Garden. Be prepared to study the anatomy of the tree to determine how your character will be shaped when it comes to life.

Is it a robot you need to produce and animate? You'll need to delve into the world of engineering. How does each limb of the character fit together and move together? How do you animate the parts of its face when it speaks?


This hidden facet of animation is certainly what drives Yvon Jardel the most. His passion for the smallest details of his characters can be felt in all his work. In his Masterclass, he explains how, among other things, he managed to create the iconic jaw of the clown "It", which he calls "The Killmouth", by animating each of the teeth.



An exciting and inspiring professional experience

Yvon Jardel has been working at Rodeo FX for nearly 6 years. This major visual effects studio currently employs close to 600 artists in four major cities in North America and Europe: Montreal, Quebec City, Munich, and Los Angeles.

Surrounded by a team of committed and passionate creators, he has designed the animation for major film productions that have left their mark on the public's imagination: It, Stranger Things, BumbleBee, Fantastic Beasts and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.



Watch his entire Masterclass: