This charater comes from a personal interpretation of the Arthurian romance "Yvain, the Knight of the Lion", written by Chrétien de Troyes in the 1170s. She is Laudine, the charming, elegant and graceful dame of Broceliande, has a special and exclusive characteristic. While she is a beautiful queen on her earlier 20’s, she is also a widow. In spite of her actual husband, Yvain, has killed her last partner, both fell in love for each other when she just had started her mourning for her loss. The love was so abundant and authentic that she felt comfortable to share with her lover her unique characteristic. She is also a lion, but not any lion. She is The Lion who has the most noble virtues in this world. She has the courage, strength and bravery of a virtuous knight. She protects her knight, Yvain, in his combats and struggles as if she would protect her own life. Her loyalty is so trustful that Yvain can believe in her even when he is not around. She is also a symbol of the Christianity, for the reason that her power to transform her body into an animal reminds us the divine power of Jesus to incarnate. For this reason, she brings on her garments the notorious symbol of the Christianity, the cross, combined with pearls and crystals that make contrast with the fabric.

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