Elena Cela

Elena Cela

Commercialisation de la mode
Collège LaSalle | Montréal

Mood Boards

A compilation of Mood boards

This Mood board is d

Mood Board for a Client

This Mood board is designed for a client who needs help with ideas of how to dress up for a TV-show. The client would be talking about a sustainable palm oil project in Africa, and the show is taking place in the Netherlands.

This Mood Board repr

My Style Mood Board

This Mood Board represents my personal style preferences.

Based on the task I

Mood Board for a Client

Based on the task I was hired to perform, the company’s target market and the aesthetic preferences of my client, I came up with the following mood board. Forever 21 targets young customers, who are looking for trendy and fashionable clothing and accessories. This is the reason I went to look for inspiration in the runway shows, fashion magazines, and blogs. Following the research on the latest collections and trends I chose the pieces that most likely would please the tastes of my client, Alicia. She has extensive knowledge of fashion based on her work experiences, magazine preferences, and social activities, where she puts herself in the creative center. She is also interested in the entertainment and celebrity magazines. This is the reason I chose some inspiration photographs from fashion shows, and of famous people. Since Alicia likes contemporary style and geometric lines, and wants to promote European accessories, I looked for pureness and simplicity in the images as well. I wanted to incorporate geometry in either shapes of accessories or their patterns.