An abandon lighthouse.

Animation et VFX/LaSalle College Vancouver/urz28w37jeta7vozr149jkpmt6m5evbn
I learned a lot from (drew by AnDary)

I learned a lot from this lighthouse, from the correct way to modeling such as how to beveling edges, or the texture part like getting light go through glasses but still having dust to block some of it. I was force to rebuild many objects because the mistakes I made. However, I keep those in my mind and by going steps by steps. It went much better at the second run. My favorite teacher named Karl Buckley, who is god like in texturing, help me so much every time I had class with him. I will never forget his cat and how patient he is.

Animation et VFX/LaSalle College Vancouver/9c1wu5r2aefmxm60i058mkmtuvk5f1qi
Animation et VFX/LaSalle College Vancouver/74nzie7r44e9n5ytm2mz3s1rb1i2h6bp
Animation et VFX/LaSalle College Vancouver/vc8j99x6p3n8kxackdvj0bbsht4e35da