Third Year Graduate Collection - Lauren Rose

Lauren Caccamo has an interest in special occasion fashion, which led her to pursue a degree in Bachelor of Design Arts (Fashion and Costume Design) at the Academy of Design Australia. Lauren would ideally like to work in high end, special occasion and bridal fashion. While traveling in Europe, Lauren was inspired by the scenic beauty of nature, art and architecture. She incorporates these influences in her design aesthetic. Her vision is to open her own bridal house in Melbourne.

Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/pcg9o10q3danc2fn4q8jzma2ttukbd5i
Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/7lmskw4ixs3z1fza8dxehf7bk9fd333c
Design Arts/LCI Melbourne/d27ne95mjih5q5ph22q5ll62xxlm22lr

Other Credits

Model: Angelique Liapis
Model: Ashlee Portelli
Make Up: Christina Georgelos
Photographer: Suzanah Do