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Spotlight light on our alumni - Chantal Malboeuf

Published by LCI Education, June 8th, 2016

A LaSalle College graduate from 1993, Chantal Malboeuf now specializes in designing high-end and luxury clothing in the Chabanel district—Montreal’s garment district. She accumulated a wealth of experience in France before becoming an entrepreneur in Quebec. Get to know an ambitious and inspiring woman!
1. You have been working in the fashion world for 17 years now. How did you discover your passion for fashion? 
When I was 15, in secondary 4, I went to a fashion show put on by my school—the famous secondary 5 show. Something clicked, and I said to myself, “that’s what I want to do!” ». I created my first collection the next year for the school’s fashion show, and since then, all of my time has been consumed by fashion!
2. You are currently director of Maison Marie St Pierre, and you founded Les Ateliers à Façon in 2013 and Fabrique Maro in 2014. You got your start by studying fashion at LaSalle College: what did you take away from this training?
The LaSalle College training covered both technique and design, which helped me become very good at development! To get to this level, it is essential to understand designers, but also anyone in fashion who creates and designs collections. For almost 18 years now, I have developed, and I have become a translator for both sides. For me, learning about technical aspects and design was a great benefit, and even more so in France!
3. After 12 years in France working for prestigious brands such as Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Céline, you came back to Quebec. What did you take away from these experiences?
In three words: work, work, and work! You have to give your best and find your niche over there. I found mine by being obsessed with a job well done—everything has to be perfect. I learned a great deal, and the most important thing is to produce flawless, high-quality work. I am very proud to have worked with the best in the industry: not only great creative directors, but also the greatest workshop directors, studio directors, pattern makers and sample makers… A unique experience for me and a priceless gift. 
4. You have acquired significant expertise in luxury production: what do you hope to bring to Quebec?
I don’t claim to be bringing anything in particular… I do what I love, and try to do it as well as possible! I’m surrounded by the best team, and I try to share my passion and my experience from Paris as much as I can.
5. You have more recently become an entrepreneur—where do you see yourself in ten years? 
In my workshops! Maybe in larger workshops! 

6. You are a model of success: what advice would you give to young fashion students?
I’m not a model; I’m just passionate and do everything I can to make sure it works. I never give up! The only advice I would give is to never throw in the towel and to aim for perfection: that way, you’re sure to succeed!

If you are looking for a challenging work manufacturing of high-end clothes, Les Ateliers à façon is currently recruiting! Senior seamstress, junior seamstress and leather seamstress positions are available! Please apply via these following email addresses: eric@ateliersafacon.com or chantal@ateliersafacon.com