Absolut Fixation

Focusing on the impulsive habits that can develop from excessive alcohol consumption, this campaign delves into the idea of “fixation” and the development of bad habits over time. As drinking games encourage binge drinking, social smokers become regular tobacco smokers and recreational drug users become addicts; this three part campaign uses stark and abrupt imagery to show the paramount of these habits paralleled with Absolut’s traditional advertising methods. With rollout coinciding the Australian summer festival season, collaborations would see the various components attach itself to sponsored messages and collateral within the festivals alongside the television commercial that shows the progression of habits.

Television Commercial

The full development of habits are shown to evolve as excessive drinking turns casual drinks into a blurry nightmare.

Elements of popular

Absolut Knockout

Elements of popular drinking games form the iconic Absolut bottle shape.

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Reminding music fest

Festival Sponsorship

Reminding music festival patrons not to take their drinking to the excess, meanwhile providing exposure for the Absolut brand. Through sponsorship, Absolut would use their platform to encourage safety through inundation of their message and providing safe drinking spaces.