Hardworking Mother

I have the most AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, THOUGHTFUL, and SMART daughter, ever. Her name is Jillanna and she's only three year old. That's why I am so in awe of my daughter. On the rare times that I need to do my homework or do some readings at home, she actually leaves me alone until I am done. At times, it is hard juggling work, school, and being a mom. However, the hard times of being a mom are few and far between. I guess I brought her up to be self-sufficient. Of course, there are times she needs me and I am always there for her. Also, I am like a big kid with her. We play with our toys together (yes, I have toys) and we talk to each other. Being a mom to Jillanna is the best job ever.

Daughter is sick but

Balancing School and Work

Daughter is sick but I still made my meeting at school before taking her home after a little negotiation.