One Day

Challenge The One Girl Charity Australia focuses on educating girls in Uganda and Sierra Leone. Through their "Do it in a Dress" campaign that runs annually is the main source of funding to educate and support girls around the world. The organisation's challenge is to create a year-long campaign that requires the audience to pledge their birthdays that will result in increased donations and supporter data-base for One Girl. The solution is based upon a campaign that will grow organically and campaign assest must remain within a $10,000 budget. Solution The 'One Day' campaign has been established to reach the targeted demographic of young females going through puberty via a personal strategy. The campaign relies heavily on corporate philanthropy, by joining forces with a major sponser, Libra. Through traditional and non-traditional media, the campaign will extend to a national level. By creating an online forum for young girls to gain information about puberty, they will be granted access once they sign up, pledge their birthdays and donate to One Girl. As a form of appreciation and a thank-you, the girls that sign up will be rewarded on their birthday with free Libra pads and 20% appropriate brands, which increases donations and supporter data-base for One Girl. Additionally, with purchasing Libra pads 10% of all proceeds will go directly to One Girl. The print trilogy campaign is to raise awareness to mothers of daughters who are going or entering their pubescent years and will encourage and endorse their daughters to sign up and become apart of an educational forum. With specifically designing emoji's this will allow the demographic to make light of a serious situation whilst supporting One Girl through pledging their birthdays.

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