Coco Chanel

As a school project, I was assigned to complete the advertising segments for a fictional exhibit for my favourite designer. I picked Coco Chanel, who has always been a great inspiration for me. I used Photoshop and InDesign to treat and place my images in away that represents my designer’s visual identity. My inspiration has been widely drawn from the evolution seen throughout the Chanel fashion empire. I have decided to mix in the vintage aspects of Chanel’s most famous designs to a more modern aspect as we see in the use of her brand name. Not only within fashion, but also in decorations and art. This mixture of styles through the eras will help reach a wider variety within my target market. The vintage will target a more mature based clientele, whereas the modern aspects will interest a younger generation. I am using modern styled shapes within my concept such as triangles and squares to add to the mixture of both styles. Also, through the inclusion of decoration and art, I will be able to appeal to more interests within the market. Coco Chanel was known for her many inspiring quotes, which is why I want to make these a big part of the exhibition. Her personality and life mantras will be illustrated throughout my design, to show how she lived her life and how she wished to be perceived by the world. I have drawn sketches to show the use of quotes as a textured background to my banner, poster and e-invites. I do not want to limit the exhibition to simply the designs and garments, but also to Coco Chanel’s personality. Furthermore, my color scheme is based off of a number of designs and sketches I found. While still balancing between the use of black and white since these were Chanel’s main colour focuses. For my typefaces, I want to use something very simple and vintage. For example, in this document I have used Typewriter, this illustrates a more vintage style while still keeping the simplicity that Chanel is known for in her designs. Therefore, I will continue to use a similar font throughout the project. Finally, I want to keep a certain amount of simplicity within the project to keep an accurate visualization of Coco Chanel’s style. Pictures for both projects were taken from Pinterest.


My E-Invite was made to advertise online and give the appropriate information for my potential audience. I integrated quotes that Chanel is very famous for to this day. The colours are consistent throughout all my designs, as well as the fonts to keep a cohesive feel through all supports. Quotes -

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My poster was made f


My poster was made for the print advertisement and showcases Coco Chanel’s simplicity and elegance that we also see through her designs. The geometric design was also made to represent the more modern designs that we see as inspired by Coco Chanel in today’s urban art.