Still life editorial

Still life photographies based on the procrastination concept. Title: Sunday is my favourite colour of jeans. Concept: “The stress of not knowing what will happen to us, what the future holds. We still have obligations or tasks that need to be done, instead we submerge ourselves into a pool of distracting thoughts that push us away from those responsabilities and we become sedated by the endless imaginary, distracted by boredom and depressed by the exhausting exercide caused by procrastination”

Fashion Design/LCI Barcelona/General view

General view

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Fashion Design/LCI Barcelona/cll9n0t3b6w0d5bggw9nzhnvzm2cj1kx
Fashion Design/LCI Barcelona/rlpr7yjc50rp0u2fak98lt4f3jq40i1z
Fashion Design/LCI Barcelona/t88zgsn2llc4m3kt0978c5n8voa0tymq
Fashion Design/LCI Barcelona/ehtidr0fh2wqhgf0bstpv9axlxg6trlg
Fashion Design/LCI Barcelona/v0ihbn5hm49wk0fzlymf3ul9i61fkke6
Fashion Design/LCI Barcelona/arya8ds1gkk87x8qz9iy7ecebfiog8vx
Fashion Design/LCI Barcelona/3e173rsipc0ej8ipaoovd9xd41u3frlv
Fashion Design/LCI Barcelona/rwnv80bayw1nrko3avdhp9l5rl58ohjg