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Fashion Marketing, Photography


I am a Fashion Marketing student at LaSalle College in Montreal. I am super interested in and want to work in anything relating to the street-wear and skateboarding world. Currently I own and run a street-wear reselling Instagram page. Prior to coming to Montreal I was a real estate photographer and was in the business technology management program at Ryerson University in Toronto.

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Visual Presentations Photo Shoot

by David Cohen
Fashion Marketing
LaSalle College | Montréal
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Arm Chair Open House photos

by David Cohen
Fashion Marketing
LaSalle College | Montréal
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Esotericclothes product shots

by David Cohen
Fashion Marketing
LaSalle College | Montréal
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E21 Final Project: i∙O∙ta Jewelry

LCI Education selection
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Communication Campaign for Parasuco

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E15 Final Project Preliminary Pitch Video: i∙O∙ta

Fashion Marketing/LaSalle College | Montréal/

photo shoot in visual class



English (Mother tongue) French (Intermediate)

Skilled in working with social media such as Instagram & Facebook

Strong social & interpersonal skills, working well in groups under pressure from deadlines

Very strong customer service skills

Photography skills in clothing, real estate & portrait

Computer skills (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Excel, PowerPoint)

Moderate WMS & warehouse operations knowledge

Import & export experience (Japan, Brazil, Argentina, USA)

Logistics, shipping, receiving


IOTA Jewelry / Co-owner

For our final project at College LaSalle, our team created an ethically & locally made, high-end jewelry company that uses 50% recycled silver in our pieces. I helped contribute to design, photoshoot, and business model decisions, found and contracted the specific skilled workers for the sketch and 3d design aspects, and helped find models and prepare clothing for our photoshoots. IOTA was chosen as the winner of the product design category from industry expert Vita (Vicky) Scalia who is Co-founder and Co-CEO of L'Intervalle shoes.

Team work, Time management, Goal driven

Esotericclothes / Owner

At 20 years old I started my own reselling business for hard to obtain and vintage pieces from streetwear brands such as Supreme, Visvim, General Research, and more. Internationally source from Japan, USA, and Europe, authenticate items, take studio quality photos, edit on photoshop, and list on a wide range of social media & marketplace sites. Negotiate with buyers and sellers, engage in daily customer service, pack and ship the items to a wide variety of countries, and keep track of inventory through google sheets. Gained very strong customer relations experience, international networking, and buying and selling skills.

Garment preparation , Inventory management, Clothing photography

Armchair Open House / Real estate photographer
MARCH 2015 - 2020, TORONTO

Interior and exterior real estate photography of houses and condominiums mainly in the downtown Toronto area for multiple real estate agents and agencies. Problem solved, scheduled, and communicated between the agent, homeowner, and at times property management.

Sue Anfang, Keller Williams Advantage / Open house greeter

Greet, hand out information flyers, and accompany potential buyers and real estate agents for open house showings in condominiums. Built relationships with new home buyers and real estate agents constantly.


LaSalle College / Fashion Marketing

Third year student at College LaSalle, where I learned about the history of fashion, textile differentiation, marketing and organizational behavior & was on the wardrobe team of a fully student funded and organized fashion show SMCL (soiree mode College LaSalle). I am also part of a spectacular final project team, where we created a high-end and sustainable jewelry brand, called IOTA and one sample, a spinner necklace and won the industry experts choice in product and design.

Ryerson University / Business Technology Management
September 2016 - September 2018, TORONTO

Attended in the Business Technology Management program for two years where I learned about business practices such as business organization, marketing, communication while making connections with peers that I still have today.

Honors and Awards

Won the experts choice in product and design category for the ENTERPRISE E21 event for our ethically made Jewelry brand, IOTA.

Back to back ESNSE path long-board race champion