The Collector (1min28)

Music is much more than words and harmonies. It transcends time and dimensions, it takes us through and to precious moments from the past, and even predicts the future every time we dream about the unattainable. Music touches our most sensitive fiber, it deepens our relationship with ourselves and with the world. ​“The Collector” follows Sam, a Montrealer with a life that beats per minute. DJ and record dealer, people from around the world go to Sam looking for the soundtrack to their own drum, or perhaps just enlightenment on the dancefloor. He is an alchemist, and music is his precious metal. ​Sam’s steady narration guides us through his over forty-thousand-vinyl-records collection, some of his memories and reflections about music’s effect on our feelings and emotions.


Montreal is one of C


Montreal is one of Canada's vinyl capitals—along with Calgary. Almost every neighborhood has its own record shop and all-vinyl parties flood the clubs when the sun goes down. It's a culture, it's quality. Vinyl boomed in the past, and it reverberates 'til our present.

A short-doc about mu

A short-doc about music, with no music. It relies on nostalgic sounds that evoke a tune lost in time: the needle of a record player, the romance of a coin and a jukebox, the uncertain—but eager—expectation of zapping through the radio. ​Pictorially, “The Collector” mixes different formats (DSLR, iPhone, and camcorder), and juxtaposes archival and digital photography. The narration is patient, casual, friendly, and warm. Almost as close as the voice of a friend sharing a story about emotions and the joy of music.

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