Vice-President, Marketing

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Vice-President, Marketing

Present on 5 continents, LCI Education Network has 23 post-secondary campuses and approximately 3,000 employees who train more than 17,000 students worldwide each year. Its mission is to enable our world to seize opportunities through high quality education. In carrying out this mission, the management of LCI Education considers of the utmost importance to permeate its activities, and those of the employees of each of its subsidiaries, with the series of values in which it believes, and set them as the basic principles that should guide the activities of all the staff in every campus and the companies providing pedagogical or educational services within her direction.

Our values: quality, initiative, creativity, mutual consideration, commitment and sharing.


The Marketing Vice-President at LCI Education Network will be the marketing leader of the 23 campuses on the 5 continents. The incumbent will develop a global vision of marketing strategies and ensure their execution to increase the brand awareness of the network's brands, enhance its already solid reputation in the industry and have the organization recognized as a world-class company in a fast-growing environment.

In addition to demonstrating strong marketing expertise, the Marketing Vice-President will have to demonstrate a strong interest in new technologies as he/she is also responsible for the technological development associated with digital marketing. The incumbent will define the medium and long term vision, and oversee the implementation of projects that will allow to achieve it, with a proper cost and investment management.

With strong interpersonal and communication skills, the Marketing Vice-President will work with members of the executive team, campus officials and various department leaders in areas such as information technology, operations and sales.

His role includes strategic and tactical responsibilities and the ideal candidate must have strong Profit and Loss management skills.

Reporting to the President and Chief Executive Officer, the Vice President Marketing is a member of the Executive Committee. The incumbent plays a strategic role within the organization in its ability to foster a world-class, technologically advanced marketing organization. In his role, his responsibilities will cover the following areas:



  • Responsible for three-year and annual planning, both strategic and financial;
  • Responsible for developing a global brand strategy.


Marketing and brand management:

  • Lead the company's marketing activities, both at the traditional and digital level, ensuring that each marketing department has a positive influence on brand and growth;
  • Develop a global multi-brand strategy and redesign the visual identity of the organization and its campuses;
  • Develop the company's approach to digital technology and technological developments;
  • Build a digital content strategy and develop associated performance indicators;
  • Continue the deployment of new modules of Marketo (software editor specialized in marketing);
  • Lead the project to implement technological marketing tools (MARTECH stack) that have a significant impact on the company's operations while ensuring proper change management practices;
  • Manage the overall marketing budget to achieve maximum return on investment;
  • Manage relations and negotiations with various business partners and suppliers;
  • Remain on the lookout for technological and digital advances.


Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness:

  • Optimize the global organizational structure (hierarchical structure, roles and responsibilities, business processes) and build a performing team;
  • Embrace our values and promote a culture of innovation, growth and performance that encourages members to commit to the highest standards of excellence and innovation;
  • Monitor for global talent needs and implement appropriate training and coaching for talent development;
  • Demonstrate a strong sense of leadership to manage and mobilize your team (8 employees reporting directly) while offering flexibility to the different regions in order accommodate the needs of each market and benefit from the talent available worldwide.


Operational excellence:

  • Implement best project and change management practices;
  • Implement a Workfront like system within the marketing group and ensure to have the appropriate tools to promote collaboration, virtual and physical meetings, etc.;
  • Implement Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor and ensure appropriate overall performance of marketing initiatives and strategies, such as completed registrations, recognition of the organization's brands in their respective markets, productivity of the global marketing team, collaboration between teams, etc.;
  • Ensure that the acquisition costs of new students are controlled while respecting and achieving organizational targets.


Research and analysis:

  • Develop a business intelligence practice, through the development of relevant management reports like PowerBI;
  • Conduct research on the evolution of the customers to properly identify their needs and reach them in the most effectively manner.




  • 10 years or more of experience in a marketing management position;
  • Experience in management of a multidisciplinary and global team;
  • National or international experience in the implementation of marketing strategies;
  • Proven success in developing and implementing a marketing plan;
  • Comprehensive knowledge of web platforms, social media platforms, customer relationship management (CRM) software, analytical tools and engines;
  • Excellent ability to analyze and synthesize quantitative data for strategic purposes;
  • Demonstrated experience in Profit and Loss management;
  • Demonstrated results in brand image revitalization, multiple brand management and market share growth;
  • Creativity and perspective that will be used to showcase innovation strategies and stimulate leading-edge industry initiatives;
  • Global thinking focused on digitization, technologies, multi-channel and aimed to diverse audiences;
  • Sound experience in B2C marketing;
  • Demonstrated project management skills;
  • Available to travel regularly (about 26 weeks per year);
  • Bilingualism, both orally and in writing, and good knowledge of Spanish (intermediate level) is a major asset.




  • Strong leadership and team spirit;
  • Strong communication and change management skills;
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Ability to negotiate with suppliers;
  • Be creative and results-oriented;
  • Able to maintain excellent interpersonal relationships;
  • Demonstrate a high awareness of the cultural nuances of the different markets;
  • Be highly sensitive to the cultural differences between markets;
  • Openness to the world and diversity;
  • Demonstrate strong analysis and synthesis skills.




  • Bachelor's degree in marketing, business administration or a related field;
  • Master of Business Administration or MBA is an asset.


Please note that only those candidates whose applications have been selected will be contacted.

To shorten the text, we have used the neutral third person plural in the singular sense.

We subscribe to an equal employment opportunity program and we invite visible minorities, ethnic minorities, aboriginal people and persons with disabilities to submit their applications.




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