Marhen.J Advertisement Project

Marhen.J founded by Kim Hyun Hee, a Creative Director behind the art directing scene for popular K-pop artists started out to develop her own unique designer fashion brand in January 2015. Marhen.J is a korean designer bag brand that emphasizes on a minimalist design at a glance, but actually more into a blend of practical design with the aesthetic beauty. You can easily recognize Marhen.J’s bag from the square design and the canvas material. With a vision to develop a line of Korean designer bags including handbags for women, office bags and bags for work that conveyed both structured composure and a sense of relaxation, Marhen.J was born.

Marhen.J Advertisement Project

The story are about three women who are a college student, worker and a young mom. we want to show the comparison of workers, college students and young mom. what life is like on their daily schedules. Most of the scene are inspired by Kdrama and Korean Film.

Fashion Marketing/LaSalle College | Jakarta/Marhen. J Signature Bag

Marhen. J Signature Bag

Fashion Marketing/LaSalle College | Jakarta/Inspired By Korean Film 'Parasite'

Inspired By Korean Film 'Parasite'

Fashion Marketing/LaSalle College | Jakarta/Inspired By Korean Drama 'www'

Inspired By Korean Drama 'www'

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