LaSalle College Vancouver is Added to Microsoft Canada Skills Program

microsoft skills

Microsoft Canada has added LaSalle College Vancouver (LCV) to the Canada Skills Program. This program, launched last fall, allows students (as well as faculty and staff) to acquire in-demand Microsoft certifications alongside their institution’s credentials. This enhances their employability as they enter the job market. 

LCV is the first private post-secondary institution to join an exceptional group of training providers. 

“This partnership further reinforces the important role of digital literacy in our academic programs. Students, faculty, and staff will now be able to take these online Microsoft courses leading to certification. In a number of our academic programs, we will be embedding key elements of this suite directly into our curriculum,” said Zafar Syed, Chief Academic Officer at LCV.

“This means our students will not only acquire the required software skills needed to get the most of their studies but will be able to graduate with dual credentials—a diploma or degree from LCV as well as a Microsoft certification.” 

This expansion is the latest in Microsoft's ongoing commitment to enable greater access to digital skills. Also, this program will provide students the knowledge that they need to support the Canadian economy as it emerges from the challenges caused by COVID-19.

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